Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man

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Scenario Archie Goodwin Stan Lee
Tekeningen Gene Colan
Cover Gene Colan
Uitgever(s) Marvel Comics
Jaar 2007
Pagina's 256
ISBN 0785126783
Kaft Hardcover
Taal Engels

Opmerking uitgave

(Regular dust jacket)

Opmerking inhoud

Tales of Suspense #84-99
Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1
Iron Man #1

-The other Iron Man!
-Into the jaws of death
-Death duel for the life of Happy Hogan!
-Crisis... at the Earth's core!
-Beyond all rescue!
-The monstrous menace of the mysterious Melter!
-The golden ghost!
-The uncanny challenge of the Crusher!
-Within the vastness of Viet Nam!
-The golden gladiator and... the giant!
-The tragedy and the triumph!
-If a man be stone!
-The deadly victory!
-The coming of... Whiplash!
-The warrior and the whip!
-At the mercy of the Maggia
-The torrent without... the tumult within!
-Alone against A.I.M.!
-The origin of Iron Man

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